Bush Studios The best rehearsal studio in London (where I rehearse and met my fellow band-mates)!
Kids Company Camilla Batmanghelidh runs this charity for deprived inner city children. She is a true visionary, and has created a "home from home" for thousands of youngsters. I have worked there for many enjoyable years and the creative energy that surrounds the once derelict arches (which are now filled with music and art) is truly inspirational.
The Future Shape Of Sound Alex McGowan is a talented producer/writer and a dear friend. I recorded my first demo tapes with him. Former founder member of "The Starseeds", he was one of the writers behind Martina Topley Bird's album "Quixotic". Check out his latest band and details of his studio, Space Eko.
The Virtually Acoustic Club The virtually Acoustic Music Club offers unique opportunities for independent artists to showcase their material.
Manilla PR A new and innovative PR company who I was lucky enough to have been introduced to and who I am currently working with. They are creative, reliable, and incredible value for money!
[the-mag] Good website for Unsigned and Independent music news, reviews and gig listings